This article is a set of memories, belonging to the list of RMBATS.

*August *

From July, after I finished my master’s defense, I had been modifying my paper to try to publish it. It’s a long and boring time, which time I have to see the long papers and try to shorten it to a condensed version. So, in the head of this month, I do this paperwork every day with the hot summer weather. To against the summer, my friend and I started to sleep in the lab. Because the lab has an air-condition that we can let it open all night to keep low temperatures. It’s a funny period, my friend slept with the foldable bed he bought. I didn’t have that bed, so I put the chairs together and slept on them. I have to admit that it’s not a good place to sleep, we have to wake up early in case someone else finds us. Anyway, at least it’s cold enough, we can overcome any problems but the hot temperature at that time.

This article is a set of memories, belonging to the list of RMBATS.

Say goodbye to 2019, the year that changed my life and destiny.


The first half of 2019

From the second half of 2018, I’ve been working on the application of CSC. All things happened can be found in last year’s summary. This year is the harvest time. Here, I’ll put those important things together with some good pictures, which likes the mode of last year’s summary.


This article is a set of memories, belonging to the list of RMBATS.

About this test happened on October 20th, I‘ve to say that the nervousness indeed made a negative impact for me, especially when I attended the speaking test. I almost couldn’t fluently speak a complete sentence when I first sat in front of the examiner, which, of course, was the first time for me to talk with the real foreigner. So that it was no surprising that the score of my first speaking test was just 4.5, which was a quiet low score for examinees. Besides, the score of other parts of the test were not good as well, e.g. the listening score was just 5.5, which normally, I need to get 6.5 to reach my target. If I have to find a key reason for this failure, I would say that my preparation was obviously not enough. Also, the failure taught me a lesson that, no pain no gain. [ ↓ ]

This article is a set of memories, belonging to the list of RMBATS.

It’s time to make a summary for the past whole year. To be honest, I had to say I exprienced a really momerabe year, during which happened a lot of things, all of them are mainly about my further education. Here, I will use some words to write these memories down, for myself and also for all of you. Because of the length of this article, I divided it into three parts, named part A and B. The first part (A) is as follows.

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