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It’s time to make a summary for the past whole year. To be honest, I had to say I exprienced a really momerabe year, during which happened a lot of things, all of them are mainly about my further education. Here, I will use some words to write these memories down, for myself and also for all of you. Because of the length of this article, I divided it into three parts, named part A and B. The first part (A) is as follows.


At the beginning of last year, of course the big point was the Chinese traditional festival, last year, I spent the festival day with my family in our home instead of returning back to the hometown, although we planned to do this for several years, however last year we did that for the first time, so that I didn’t spent the festival with my grandma, I don’t know her thoughts but, for myself, absolutely I want to stay with them as before. The new festival is approaching again, I don’t know the arrangement of my parents, speaking out my own thought is seemly a very tough task for me. [ ↓ ]

place where I was born, Zibo, Shandong

Well, time went to the new semester, during this whole semester, the biggest problem surrounding me was that if I need to apply for a PhD education, which spent my a lot of time to think about. Another thing I need to mention is that I built this website as my own blog, which I think, is a perfect way to show my thoughts of my daily life, comparing with using the IM applications or the open blogs offered by the third publisher, I think this kind of independence blog, like HEXO, is quiet easy to use, because I don’t care about the end components, e.g., database, of this blog, and there is no trouble about the advertisement, which means the mainly weakness of those public open blogs, such as, would not be appeared in my blog. Back to the topic, I spent much time to maintain the blog, which I think, is worth to do. [ ↓ ]

a unique hobby

In the middle of this semester, I also experienced a very remarkable trip in Wuhan. Originally, I went back there for my driving test, but finally, I met my old friend and tutor of my Alma Mater. Specially, I asked my previous tutor for help about the matter of applying PhD, and he gave me an extremely encouragement. At that time, however I didn’t have any confidence about the application, as a consequence we discuss a lot about the necessity of PhD, the main idea of my tutor was that PhD is an essential step for a high quality life, especially beneficial for the next generation, which I fully understand now. Now, actually, I am working hard for the PhD as he told me. [ ↓ ]

my mother university, Wuhan, Hubei

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Several days later, my cousin’s wedding was coming. In last Labor Day, I came back home and attended his wedding, this was the first time for me to take planes. Such as the airport, check-in, etc. these things are all fresh for me, at that moment I didn’t imagine that in the rest of last year, I went outside by plane for nine times and flying distances exceeded tens of thousands of kilometers. I spent a happy time in my cousin’s wedding, and took a lot of photos of landscape there, which let me start to determine to buy a professional equipment, just like a camera. [ ↓ ]

shot during the wedding time, Zibo, Shandong

At the end of March, we started to prepare the final check of the project we working on from 2017 to 2018. Later, several students including me were asked to re-build the whole platform in the customer’s machines. The whole process executed in a very slow speed, and after finishing this re-construction, actually the summer vocation was coming. For usual students, this vocation was the time to practice their technical abilities in companies, but for me, as the plan I’ve made, I need to prepare for the PhD application, so those days, I almost used the SWW (small wood worm), a specific application about scientific research, everyday, in which has many advertisement about PhD. At the same time, I found the news about the China Scholarship Council, which had a most important impression for me. After that, I realized that I need to have an English score at first, e.g., IELTS or TOLFE, if I apply for the CSC program. So, an extremely hot and hardworking summer vocation was coming. [ ↓ ]

project final check

On July 23th, I took my first English lesson in the IELTS training institution. Every morning, I need to spend about one hour to go across several district to arrive the classroom due to the location of my university. What’s more, last summer, the whole Shenyang was in a really high temperature, which gave me a deep impression that I need to change the clothes every day. We eight guys spent about twenty days together to study for the IELTS, during which, there were four teachers teach us reading, listening, speaking and writing respectively. This training let me learn more about IELTS, though the first test after that was failed. [ ↓ ]

summer English training

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